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"The control exerted by the police at the evidence collection stage not only determines what evidence the scientist examines, but also limits the type of analysis that may be performed on the evidence. The collection of physical evidence is the most crucial state of the entire forensic science utilization process, yet, this level is where forensic scientists have the least role to play."
Peterson, J.L.
"At the foundation of our civil liberties lies the principle that denies to government officials an exceptional position before the law and which subjects them to the same rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen."


- Justice Louis D. Brandeis

Police Misconduct


I accept and review cases only from attorneys or paralegal assistants.



Review of actions by law enforcement personnel resulting in wrongful imprisonment, serious injury, or death.


Evaluation and opinion of police practices and procedures based on experience, generally accepted police practices, and nationally accepted Law Enforcement Accreditation Standards.


Crime scene examination and evaluation.


Review of law enforcement investigative procedures, collection and preservation of evidence, physical evidence reconstruction opinions, firearm felony discharge policy, interview & interrogation techniques and sworn testimony.


News & Publications

Apri 2014


Retained by Natasha Clemons and the Rodney Mitchell estate in the wrongful death claim litigated by The Fortin Law Firm.  


June 2014


ABC News 7 Sarasota, FL broadcast of Expert Ken Williams reenactment of the Rodney Mitchell Shooting by SCSO. ABC News 7 Report ...

June 2014


ABC News 8 New Haven, CT June 8th, 2014 satellite interview of Expert Ken Williams concerning the Rodney Mitchell Shooting by SCSO.  ABC News 8  Report ...

Retired Homicide Investigator
20 Years Experience 
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Criminal Case Review

Police Misconduct

Excessive Force

Police Practices and Procedures

Wrongful Death

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