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Ken Williams Bio



Ken Williams is a former Boston-area homicide detective and expert witness consultant in wrongful death cases. Mr. Williams is retained by civil rights attorneys to evaluate and render unbiased opinions in officer-involved shootings and other deaths. He has appeared as a subject matter expert in print and television media and has been featured as a public speaker at law schools and community forums. Mr. Williams also performs a public service for non-profits and families in need by providing an unbiased opinion review waving fees.

Mr. Williams is one of the leading Use of Force/Police Reform Experts in the country. Williams appeared on CNN/HLN as an Expert contributor to the Nancy Grace Show, at the 13th annual San Francisco Public Defender’s Justice Summit as an Expert, at the San Francisco Public Defenders Office where he held a private training for more than sixty attorneys as an Expert, and has appeared twice as a panelist at John Jay College School of Criminal Justice’s year-long initiative ‘Bridging the Divide Re-imaging Police Community Relations’. Mr. Williams also appeared as a contributor at the NNPA -- Black Press Conference in Houston, as a panelist at The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) Region IV Annual Regional Training in Cincinnati, and in June 2016, Mr. Williams appeared at The Harvard Club of New York to take part in a kickoff program by NOBLE at a Law & NBA Legends Breakfast of Champions which introduced a new community-police relations program titled ‘The Law & Your Community.’ Mr. Williams also performed a riveting TEDx Talk titled: ‘Follow-up to Ferguson: Detective's False Claims Act Lawsuit' could reform police policy in America.’ The Ethics Project also sought Mr. Williams for an unbiased opinion concerning Darren Wilson’s grand jury testimony. Mr. Williams provided a review of the physical evidence in the Michael Brown case. The analysis discovered non-public material facts which the SCLC delivered in a letter to the Missouri State Senate Panel tasked with investigating possible prosecutorial misconduct. Mr. Williams is also retained by attorneys who seek his assistance as a Wrongful Death Consultant.



Mr. Williams holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology/Law Enforcement Administration from Western New England College as well as an Associate's degree in Electrical Engineering from South Carolina State University, in addition to the following:



• Sirchie Education and Training, Krimesite Imager (Reflected Ultraviolet Imaging System), 2015.

• Foster and Freeman, Visual Spectral Comparator (“VSC”) 40/HD, 2015

• Foster and Freeman, ESDA-2 Electrostatic image of indented writing, 2015

• Shooting Reconstruction, Western Virginia University, 2014

• Perspectives in Expert Witness Testimony, Western Virginia University, 2014

• Crime Scene Investigation, Western Virginia University, 2014

• Ethics in Forensic Science, Western Virginia University, 2014

• Forensic Photography, Western Virginia University, 2014

• Two years primary training in the Questioned Document Section of the Plymouth County

Sheriff’s Department Crime Laboratory, Plymouth, MA (2012-14)

• Fundamentals of Questioned Documents, Western Virginia University, 2012

• Dust ‘n Bust – Charles J. Walsh, Special Agent FBI (ret), Municipal Police Institute, 2013

• Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction, International Association of Arson Investigators, 2009

• Advanced Course on The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation, 2009

• Electronic Surveillance Techniques, US Marshals-National Technical Investigators’ Association, 2009

• Detective Clinic, Commonwealth Police Service, 2006

• Crime Mapping and Analysis for Problem Solving, University of New Haven, Center for Advanced Public Safety Research – Dr. Henry Lee, 2000

• Crime Mapping and Data Visualization GIS Training, SPARTA Consulting, 2000

• Protection Children Online, Office of Juvenile Justice, 2000

• Investigative Training Technology Training Program, United States Department of Justice, 1998

• State and Local Narcotics Enforcement, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), 1997

• Homicide Investigation, Massachusetts State Police Academy, 1997

• Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Massachusetts State Police, 1996

• Development of Cultural Diversity Training: Train the Trainer, International Association of Chiefs of Police, 1996

• Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council Police Academy, 1995-96

• LEAPS/CJIS Training, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety Criminal History Systems Board, 1996-2016 organizations

2010 - present

2010 - present

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