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Date of Interview: 6/30/14
Your Black World - hosted by Dr. Boyce Watkins


Reasonable Judgment: As a former law enforcement officer and now an expert witness, with twenty-years of experience, I explained in this video how it was unreasonable for ASU officer Ferrin to demand Prof. Ore brandish her ID. A pedestrian being detained for a civil noncriminal infraction doesn't have to produce ID upon demand by a law enforcement officer. They do however have to provide a name if asked by the officer. Here Prof. Ore was never asked her name. Ferrin falsely arrested her for his unlawful ID request.


Ferrin, in his actions, violated ARS 13-2412. Ferrin received training in the academy and was directed to refrain from demanding ID from pedestrians; as it was illegal. Ferrin ignored the law and violated trust when he harrassed and knowingly assaulted and falsely arrested Prof. Ore. The officer used poor judgement and it does feel, although there is a lack of proof to substantiate my feelings, this could have been racially motivated or a combination of racial and gender bias directed at Prof. Ore. I suggest this based on Prof. Ore's spontaneous utterance for "respect".


Ferrin decided to deviate from protecting and serving with commonsense and he appeared to be a bully with a badge. It is unfortunate Prof. Ore plead guilty to a bogus charge, likely, out of fear the justice system and people of AZ would get this all wrong. This is a perfect example of why reform is needed in policing.


Accountability: What will the DA do not that Ferrin admits on (page 9) of the IA report that he knowingly arrested Prof. Ore even though he lacked probable cause. This admission by Ferrin also means he knowingly violated Prof. Ore's civil rights, the Constitution and his oath as a police officer. Will the DA who pressured Prof. Ore to plead guilty reverse her plea and restore her credibility while it charges Ferrin for crimes committed. Prof. Ore in the meantime has filed a civil action claim to deal with the non criminal matters which harmed her reputation and damages she sustained from this ordeal.

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