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Danroy "DJ" Henry Forensic Video Analysis

Westchester County, New York

Danroy "DJ" Henry Press Release: Lawsuit Filed from tragic events occurring 17th October 2010. Ken Williams performed and published the following analysis with the permission of the Henry estate.


Civil Complaint:



Officer Sworn Statements At Officer Involved Shooting:

Statements from police officers who responded to a report of a fight in progress at Finnigan’s Grill on Oct. 17, 2010. One, Mount Pleasant Police Officer Ronald X. Gagnon, said he blasted his police air horn twice to get Henry to move out of a fire lane. When the car didn’t move, Gagnon said, he knocked twice on the driver’s side window and was ignored.

“The driver started to move the vehicle forward and I struck the driver’s side window again and stated loudly, ‘Hey.’ The driver accelerated and (I) shouted ‘Stop.’ I was then running behind the vehicle. I saw Officer (Aaron) Hess from Pleasantville PD on top of the hood of the Altima. I heard approximately four gunshots and saw the Altima strike the Mount Pleasant police vehicles which were parked on the roadway.”

Another Mount Pleasant patrolman, Justin E. Jacobsen, said he saw Henry’s car accelerate toward the exit after hearing the engine rev up.

“PO Hess stepped out into the roadway to attempt to get the vehicle to stop by raising his hand and yelling stop. The car continued to accelerate and it had time to stop or avoid PO Hess but continued its path. At this time PO Hess drew his firearm and had it at waist level when he was struck by the vehicle in his legs. At this time I heard a gunshot and I had to jump out of the path of the moving vehicle as well. The vehicle continued to speed away with PO Hess clinging to the hood and during this time I heard three more gunshots.”


United States Department of Justice April 2015 Criminal and Civil Rights Findings:

"Although there are inconsistencies in the witness accounts regarding the chronology of certain subsequent events, the weight of the evidence indicates that Mr. Henry’s car was braking when it struck the Pleasantville officer, who wound up on the hood of the car, and that the Pleasantville officer then fired through the windshield into the car, wounding one of the passengers and killing Mr. Henry."



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