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-NBC Peacock Productions and Investigation Discovery, "Black and Blue:" Ken Williams, with Emmy Award-winning journalist Tony Harris.


-NBC Bay Area, "SF Use of Force Summit Press:" Ken Williams


-San Francisco Examiner, "Former Massachusetts cop says SFPD needs to be accountable on reforms:"


-The Davis Vanguard, "Adachi on the Need for Use of Force Reforms:" Ken Williams


-48Hills, "A heated battle over tasers in San Francisco:" Ken Williams


-SF KQED, "Alameda County Deputies Plead Not Guilty in Videotaped S.F. Beating:" Ken Williams

-Patch, "Accused Alameda County Deputies Plead Not Guilty:" Ken Williams

-CNN Nancy Grace, "Who Was Dallas Police Shooter?; New Details on Cop Killer; Latest on Why Philando Castile was Pulled Over:Ken Williams


-CNN Nancy Grace, "Police Shootings Update; Moving Dallas Memorial; Beautiful Boston Girl Found Brutally Murdered; Search for Twelve Year Old in DC; Shocking Video Captures Moment 4-Year-Old Kidnapped:Ken Williams


-TV One, American documentary television series. TBA.


-NBC Bay Area, "San Francisco Summit Scrutinizes Embattled Police Department’s Use-of-Force Policy:" Ken Williams


-Improving Police, "Use of Force Expert Breaks Down Recent Police Killings:" Ken Williams

-The National Law Review, "On Reconsideration, District Court of Massachusetts Expands Potential FCA Liability Under Escobar:" Ken Williams

-The Baystate Banner, "Brockton ex-cop fights police practices with federal discrimination suit:" Ken Williams

-The Enterprise, "Attorney: Brockton case could be model to fight racially biased policing:" Ken Williams

-Corporate Crime Reporter, "Justice Department Weighs in on Side of Former Police Officer’s Groundbreaking False Claims Lawsuit:" Ken Williams


Speaker Events:

-Pace University Law School, NY-Guest Speaker,

Police: "Community-Police Relations:" Ken Williams.


-John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY-Guest Speaker,

Police: "Policy-A Review of Broken Windows, Stop & Frisk:" Ken Williams.


-U.S. Hart Senate Building, DC-Guest Speaker,

Police: “Crossing the Thin Blue Line is Not a Crime:" Ken Williams.


-John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY-Guest Speaker,

Police: "Perspectives on Culture and Training Challenges:" Ken Williams.


-U.S. Russell Senate Building, DC-Guest Speaker,

Police: "False Claims Act and Police COPS grants certification:" Ken Williams.


-San Francisco Public Defenders Office, CA-Guest Speaker,

Police: "Use of Force Expert addressing the SFPD Policy Reforms:" Ken Williams.


-San Francisco Public Defenders Office, CA-Guest Speaker/Trainer,

Police: "Use of Force, Resisting Arrest, Obstruction and Exaggerated Police Reports:" Ken Williams.


-NOBLE Region IV, OH-Guest Speaker/Trainer,

Police: "An Integrative Approach to Creating a Transparent and Positive Relationship with the Public:" Ken Williams.


-TEDxWilmington, DE Speaker,

"Follow-up to Ferguson: Detective's False Claims Act Title VI Lawsuit:" Ken Williams


-Florida A&M University law school Speaker,

“End the Drug War:”  Ken Williams



Radio/Local Cable Segments:

-"Bringing Voice to Power" radio: Ken Williams

-"Wakeup w/Tayla Andre" Host Tayla Andre radio: Ken Williams

-"The Think Tank w/Garland Robinette" Host Robin Garland radio: Ken Williams

-"Politics and Grits" radio: Ken Williams

-"Touch 106.1 FM Boston" radio: Ken Williams

-"WRBB 104.9 FM Boston" radio: Ken Williams

-"Russ Belville Show" Host Russ Belville radio: Ken Williams

-"Work2Do" Host Reggie Brown cable: Ken Williams

-"Connecting the Dots | Political Conversation" Host Judy Drummond KPOO-FM 89.5 SF radio: Ken Williams 

-"The Ladies of the Ladies Lounge" Host Najya Wamasi WZBR 1410AM radio: Ken Williams

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